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About New Creation College

We know that you will be happy you chose to begin your new career journey at New Creation College.

New Creation College is a vibrant community of students, faculty and staff working together toward a common end goal: to foster education and knowledge through our comprehensive,  Substance Use Disorder Counseling program preparing students to begin a career in this ever growing field.

We are compassionate and professional substance abuse counselors. Men and women who can confidently handle the challenges of their job and extend a hand to those who need it.

With our Substance Use Disorder Counseling Program, we instill the ideals of community and compassion.

Our Campus

New Creation College main campus is housed in a modern, air-conditioned, 7,000 square foot facility at 3286 E. Guasti Rd., Suites 100-110 Ontario, CA 91761. Each classroom has resources appropriate to the coursework. Computers are also avialable to all students to conduct research, review, job search and more.

The main campus facilities also include restrooms and break areas for student use. The facilities provide a pleasant, efficient atmosphere for adult education and training. Classrooms and practical equipment are state of the art, as found in private industry. The typical classroom/lab area holds a maximum of 18 students. Free parking is provided for our students while attending New Creation College. New Creation College’s facilities and equipment comply with all local, state and federal safety and health rules and regulations.

Our Faculty

We always strive to offer our students the best, and that also means the best instructors around. Educators with real world experience enhance the program we offer here at NCC. Compassionate individuals invested in their students’ welfares, our faculty and staff represent the true backbone of the college. We take pride in all of their accomplishments both in the classroom and outside of it. And we invite you to learn more about them by visiting the Faculty page.

Our Academics

With our focused program of study, we are helping to create vital future professionals who will contribute to this field in meaningful ways. Employers are thoroughly pleased with the quality of the typical NCC alumni’s overall training and as a result, our graduates find satisfying and gainful employment upon completion of their New Creation College curriculum.

Our Values

Because the student has a need,
We have a job to do.

Because the student has a choice,
We must be their better choice.

Because the student has sensibilities,
We must be considerate.

Because the student has an urgency,
We must be quick.

Because the student has high expectations,
We must excel.

Because the student has influence,
We have the hope of more students.

Because of Students
We Exist
  • A fresh start
  • A solid education
  • A chance to help others
  • A campus grounded in its own diversity
  • Hands-on field experience
    Access to some of the best minds in the field
  • A comprehensive approach to your chosen program of study

We know that you will be happy you chose to begin your new career journey at New Creation College. Our program is designed with the students in mind, as every campus member works together to find success. We stand beside you right from the very beginning as you work your way through the program and graduate to go on to become an effective professional engaged in this field.