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Frequently Asked Questions

Education is only made better with a commitment to real life practice as well.

How long does the admissions process take?

The timeframe required to complete the admissions process varies by student and circumstance. The process can take as little as a week when the information required is provided in a timely and complete manner. New Creation College strives to set reasonable expectations and encourages every prospective student to be forthright with questions and information which will expedite the admissions process.

Will New Creation College accept transfer credits from another school?

Transfer of credit from other institutions is encouraged and available in all programs. Up to one fourth of the required credits for the New Creation College academic program may be transferred if approved. Applicants may request an informal transfer of credit evaluation prior to admission. Official notification of credits that have been accepted for transfer to a program normally occurs at the time an offer of admission is made or during the student’s first module of enrollment. There are guidelines defining transferable credits that are detailed in the student manual click here.

Can I receive credit for life/work experience related to the academic program I’m interested in?

Work experience in the field of addiction recovery may count towards fulfilling State Certification requirements under the SUD program.

What if I have a criminal record?

If your offense prohibits certification and/or licensure by the governing body of your chosen field of study, New Creation College will advise you of your limitations and options. New Creation College will not deny enrollment solely based on criminal records. It is the responsibility of the student to inform New Creation College of any misdemeanor and/or felony convictions and the sole responsibility of the student to work within the justice system to have records expunged and/or reduced to accommodate the certification and/or licensure required for advancement within their field of study.

Can I make payments?

Payment arrangements are available. The admissions coordinator will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Is English the only language used by instructors and administrators?

English is the only language used at New Creation College for academic purposes. Students must be proficient in reading, writing, speaking and understanding English to be successful in this particular educational process.