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In Depth

With an emphasis on diversity, NCC differentiates itself from the rest.

New Creation College is operated by New Creation College, Inc., a California Corporation. New Creation College is a starting point for people making positive changes in their lives. It is a fulfilled dream of the owner to provide quality educational resources and support for people whether they are in recovery or in search of a new direction that will ultimately give their life added purpose and productivity.

NCC is dedicated to providing individuals with the tools and resources necessary to further their education and knowledge in pursuit of their dreams. Our inviting facilities and comprehensive curriculum encourage confidence and success in our students as they move forward with their careers.

With an emphasis on diversity, NCC differentiates itself from the rest. Culturally diverse training is an important part of our educational commitment to students and the community as we work to broaden the competency of today’s professional work force.

At New Creation College we do not discriminate. With minimal educational prerequisites and a desire/ability to learn, anyone can take advantage of the affordable opportunity to become a certified expert in their field of study. There are no determining factors for eligibility based on nationality, race, religion, gender, economic status or political affiliation. The faculty, staff, and students at NCC are individuals with a common interest: advance learning in a service-related field with enhanced economic and self-efficacy rewards.

Committed to excellence across the board, NCC is an institution that offers its student body a distinctly unique position. We provide a post-secondary education that takes into consideration the entire individual and his/her potential to grow and to learn.

New Creation College is committed to provide adult learners with entry-level skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success in this chosen field. The College is committed to building our communities through transformative quality education that meets the needs of its students and assisting them in pursuing their educational goals.

New Creation College is committed to provide our students a quality education by focusing on importance of labor trends technology advancement, and educational material updates through our service learning based curriculum, exceptional outcomes, and lifelong learning opportunities in comfortable and pristine educational environment.

Mission Statement and Educational Philosophy

The mission of New Creation College is to promote a learning environment rich in accountability, professionalism and ethical principles through education, support, and clinical experience and supervision, by utilizing the most current evidence-based methodologies and highest standard of excellence to cultivate competent responsible and highly-sought-after leaders in the industry.