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Prospective Students

We can help you achieve your dreams!

Are you looking for a challenging program of study that will reward you with gratifying opportunities and a bright future…You have found it in NCC! Are you trying to restart your life and move toward a more productive and fulfilling career experience…We can help you achieve your dreams!

Our goal is to reinvigorate the study of substance abuse counseling and thus attract a talented, diverse and eager group of students. It takes a special mindset and a deeply compassionate heart to do well in this field. We pride ourselves on our students’ success, on how they transition into highly skilled professionals ready to enter a new phase of their careers upon completion of the NCC program.

Ensuring that students receive optimal training, are educated regarding the latest theories and techniques, and have resources that they can use upon graduation to find a fulfilling job, we have turned out men and women who are confident and ready to take on even the most difficult challenges.

  • A commitment to excellence in education, hands-on training, and overall student development.
  • Smaller class sizes which equate to more one-on-one time with faculty and a more customized approach.
  • A robust course of study that, beyond academics, accentuates compassion, integrity, professionalism and caring.
  • A faculty that sincerely cares for the welfare of their students and is committed to their ultimate success.
  • A worldview that is understanding and empathetic, such as we strive to instill in our students.