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Financing Plans

We offer versatile financing plans so that we can attract a diverse array of talent.

Our job is to educate and train as we help to create substance abuse counselors and electrical technicians who will ultimately go out there and make a difference. As such, we do try our best to keep tuition costs down. However, some students may need the aid of financing plans. NCC does offer a variety of payment options.

We can work with you to tailor a financing plan that will fit with your budget and overall needs. Money should not stand in the way of anyone’s goals or dreams. Helping our students by giving them a solid educational foundation and the resources they need to become vital working members of their chosen field, is what NCC is all about. You will note that our tuition is among the lowest in the region. This is for a good reason…we are invested in contributing to the substance abuse counseling in meaningful ways. This means training professionals who are highly skilled, compassionate and eager to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

We offer versatile financing plans so that we can attract a diverse array of talent, and also students from all walks of life. Because of our generous acceptance policy, we have created a truly diverse campus. We want this to continue, and by offering more customized financing plans, we know that we are encouraging individuals who may not have believed they had a chance, to apply.

When considering becoming a part of the NCC community, first and foremost look to your heart…are you ready for the challenges, do you have the desire for a fulfilling career, would you like to be a part of an energetic and dynamic college community. Don’t let money be your stumbling block. We are here to work with you and come up with a financing solution that will enable you to go after your dreams and change your life for the better.