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Student Services

New Creation College has been and will always be about doing what is best for our students.

We are in the business of promoting futures, nurturing education, and fostering future professionals who will venture out into the workforce and procure challenging and invigorating career paths. In Substance Use Counseling program our students can depend on the support and guidance from Student Services.

With some of the best faculty in their field and a vital and thriving campus, we give our student body the tools and resources necessary to succeed.  Our goal is to encourage students and help them while they are here in any way possible. We offer comprehensive services to accommodate a variety of student needs.

These are just a few of the valuable services we provide to all New Creation College student.

Counseling and Support

Whether you simply need someone with whom to speak, are experiencing difficulties with any part of your program, or would like short term help in dealing with a difficult situation, counseling and student development is available to you.  Qualified counselors can help you deal with issues you may be facing as you strive to begin your new life and move toward a rewarding career.

Academic Support

Our Student Services will support students through all phases of their schooling at New Creation College. When you first enroll at New Creation College, Student Services will aid in finding the right schedule, any student needs while they are attending, and assisting in job placement before and after graduation.

Disability Support

Our goal is to provide equal opportunities and thus equal access to all students.

Student Development

We want you to succeed. Our graduates make us proud, and we want you to be among them. This is why if you find you’re having difficulty with any part of the curriculum, we urge you to seek extra assistance. Faculty and staff are always eager to help you through academic challenges and hurdles. We all share a common goal: to create vibrant professionals who are confident and skilled when it comes to tackling the challenges inherent to their chosen career.

Career Planning & Advisement Services

New Creation College faculty is experts in their field of study and can guide you through the many different opportunities within their industry.

Alumni Support

New Creation College graduates are benefiting from a vast and prominent network. Creating relationships with alumni and local businesses, the opportunity for employment and advancement is tremendous.

What does it mean to be a student at New Creation College?

A college is only as good as its students. We firmly believe in this. And so at NCC you will encounter staff and personnel who embrace you on your journey toward a new and fulfilling life. This is why we strive to offer extensive student services to assist you at every step of the way.

Our students develop into productive professionals in part because of the efforts we make toward addressing all of their needs and fostering their vocational growth. With a wide array of support, counseling and academic services available on campus, we can attend to the entire individual, and not simply focus on the academic dimension of the student’s life.

Former students have often come back and expressed their appreciation and gratitude for all that we were able to provide for them during their tenure at New Creation College. We are a tight knit community that consistently looks out for one another. This is one of the most important things we hope you take away from your NCC experience. Being able to rely on classmates, teachers and staff for extra help, advisement or simply engaging conversation. Training substance abuse disorder counselors in particular, we understand the need to be compassionate and thoughtful in every facet of someone’s life and career. All members of the NCC family are connected and we all share a desire to support and nurture one another as well as those seeking help.

The education a graduate receives from New Creation College is of vital importance to both the graduate and NCC. The graduate is a representative of the college. Greater success from the graduates translates to great success for NCC. We base the performance of our school on the productive careers of our graduates.